rebuilding a power steering hose

Phil Rose pjrose at
Wed Jan 12 17:36:41 EST 2005

>Rebuilt hoses are in, pictures can be found here.
>I personally like how it came out, especially the 3 piece on the
>2 hoses, 150 shipped, what do you guys think?

I'm sure they look very pretty. I already posted my opinion that, 
Benchmark Hydraulic rebuilds can be overpriced, compared to rebuild 
prices that have been reported (other shops)--and even based on 
another lister's (Dave Kavanagh) experience at the very same 
(Benchmark) shop. FWIW, my last data point shows the dealer list 
(list price!) for the high-pressure hose is $177-- and Carlsen Audi 
discounted it down to $138--for a brand new , original oem hose--when 
I bought one a few years ago. So, yes, you managed to save a few 
bucks, but IMO the economics for rebuilds at Benchmark are, um, 
questionable--or at least very erratic.


Phil Rose
Rochester, NY
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