Running rich ???

Mike Miller mikemilr at
Sat Jan 15 22:42:16 EST 2005

From: <gary at>
> First, what do you guys get highway (I drive 50 miles a day highway and
> get not more than 18, city is more like 15).

I get 25+ on the highway at 70+ speeds. My current 15 mile each way commute in traffic, with about 12 miles of that freeway ( like that matters  - stop n go is stop n go) gets me about 19-20 mpg. Twice, when following our RV  from MT to WA, I have seen over 30mpg on the 250+ mile trip form western MT to Post Falls, ID averaging just shy of 65mph and going over 2 mountain passes. Seattle to Post Falls, averaging just shy of 80, I usually get 24-25 mpg. The more time the boost gauge is above 1.0, the worse mileage you get :-) YMMV.


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