Running rich ???

Phil Rose pjrose at
Mon Jan 17 14:28:05 EST 2005

At 2:07 PM -0500 1/17/05, Paul Luevano wrote:
>I've always been amazed at what some people get for mileage with these
>cars.  Around town, I get 16-17mpg.  Straight highway, I'll get 23-24.

Unless the highway driving is predominantly uphill, my '91 200 can 
often average in the 28-30 mpg range, when there's no headwind. 
That's for speeds of 75-80 mph. At a steady 60 mph (can these cars be 
driven like that?) an average mpg significantly over 30 mpg wouldn't 
surprise me (that's just an hypothesis--never been tested). ;-)

  Around town, my car's average is down to about 17 mpg.


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