GregJ gregsj2 at
Mon Jan 17 21:38:50 EST 2005

200 Crew,

I am, for the first time in a decade, without a 200TQA.  It drove off in 
the hands of its new owner last week and it was a bitter/sweet 
moment.    What caused me to do this?  I found a '93 S4 with <65K miles, 
that was taken care of the same way I care for my quattros.  The price 
was right, so I snagged it.

First and foremost many, many thanks to all of you for all of the help 
and support over the years.  While, I haven't been as active in the past 
few years, in the years before that you guys have saved my a** and my 
wallet more times than I could possibly count.  I'll probably lurk here 
for awhile a longer because at present, I simply cannot image life 
without the 200 list.   I still believe that 200-20v's are among the 
best Audis made.

My gift to all of you can be found at:

Enjoy!   If I've said something that's incorrect, please let me know.

Best to all,

Greg J

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