Family Album Help/Availability?

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Thu Jan 20 05:56:07 EST 2005

The directions that worked for me:

1.  Install as normal, open to the EPC_PROG.W95 directory on the CD and
copy the following files from the CD to the EPC_PROG directory on your hard

	C.  Answer "yes" to the query whether to overlay the original file for
each copy.

At 09:46 PM 1/19/2005 -0500, Chrisellenhem at wrote:
>Hi Folks,
>Wondering if anyone has experience in loading/using a 4+ yr old version of 
>the Family Album on a machine with Windows XP.  I've successfully loaded &
>my copy in the past on two different machines (Win 95 & 98..).  I am now 
>attempting to load on another machine w/ XP & am getting an error message
>trying to run.  Any advice or related supporting manuals/documents (which I 
>do not 
>have..) would be appreciated - or a copy of a version known to run on XP
for a 
>reasonable fee...  Please contact me off-list if prefered, thanks.
>Chris Hemberger
>Amston, CT
>200q-20v Avant
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