windage tray in oil sump

DeWitt Harrison six-rs at
Sun Jan 23 13:02:06 EST 2005

Having a 10V, I normally hang out on the q-list. But I do periodic
upgrades to the ol' 5ktq during which I sometimes bump up
against 20 valve-ness. This is one of those times.

I'm in process of converting from the MC style steel oil
pan to the 3B cast aluminum sump to take advantage of
the cast-in oil baffle fins for better oil control during
cornering and braking. I'm also adding the ur-S4/S6
windage tray. By the way, according to a previously
archived email on the topic, the ur-S4/S6 sump will not
clear the Type 44 subframe as in "Ask me how I know."

It's finally dawned on me that the details of the oil pick-up
tube are different and also that the 3B sump setup
already includes a bolt-in baffle plate (which I failed to
order). Interestingly, the p/n of the S4 windage tray
is the same as the 3B plate except for a revision "A"
suffix. Anyway, have any of you 3Bers added the S4
tray and was it compatible with the original baffle
plate? It kinda looks like it should be since the plate
appears to sit well down in the sump.

Any windage tray btdt or any thoughts on sump oil control
for the 3B motor in general? Anything I ought to consider?
All input appreciated. (Apologies if I don't acknowledge
replies immediately; I'll be away for a bit.)

Best regards,

DeWitt Harrison
'88 5kcstq

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