windage tray in oil sump

Taka Mizutani t44tqtro at
Sun Jan 23 17:36:43 EST 2005

I actually attempted to have an UrS4 windage tray installed in my
former '91 200q. However, my mechanic insisted that the oil pickup
would not clear the windage tray unless you cut away a bunch of the
tray, making it worthless. Because of this complication (contrary to
what a bunch of people on the list have told me), I was not able to
install said windage tray.

The 3B comes with a windage tray as well, but it's not as large as the
one off of the UrS4. I know that Alex Neckas came up with something
that allowed for the 3B and UrS windage trays to be installed together
and did some further modification to the oil pan so that oil
starvation would not occur on his 3B powered 4ktq. He would not
elaborate any further because apparently 2Bennett or someone does this
mod and charges (obviously) for it.

That said, I have not had any oil starvation issues while tracking the
200, although I had not really tracked the car that hard.

What is your intent with this addition? If you are not tracking the
car hard and regularly, I would not bother- it's not worth it unless
you have an oil pan leak and have to drop the pan for a different
reason. That said, IMHO, a type 44 is a lousy track car. Benign, but


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