Want Heater Hoter

alan cordeiro alancordeiro at comcast.net
Sun Jan 23 19:19:10 EST 2005

My gauge only goes HALFWAY to the FIRST thick mark driving at"typical"
freeway speeds on really cold days. I was planning on inserting a sheet of
cardboard between the radiator and condenser, akin to the mask
used by the large diesel rigs in cold weather, to see if it would make any 
difference. However, I suspect all of my spare engine heat is going
into heating up the passenger compartment on 0-20 degree mornings.


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> Cold weather in Michigan puts my cold weather in Kansas to shame.
> My coolant temp guage only goes to the thick line on the left of the
> center line. It used to go farther right  between these 2 lines. Where
> is yours sitting?
> Do you ever remember your car blowing warmer than it does now? Mine
> seemed warmer in years past. 
> Please explain the piece of cardboard. Would you put it in back or in
> front of the radiator?

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