Dan Wing wagons at
Sun Jan 23 21:13:42 EST 2005

Been really cold here for a few days. Yesterday, I let my car idle for a few minutes (after I had driven 30 miles). I got the two beeps and the overheat/low coolant sign. Turned the car off and had no problem when I got back in an hour later and drove home. Slightly low on coolant this am, as if it had puked some. Happened again today when I recreated the circumstances after topping up.

Temp gauge read at the high end of usual (below the big hash mark) and I did not notice the fan coming on. Heater seemed to be working unusually well, as if coolant temp might have been high.

Could the thermostat (2 and 1/2 years old) stick in such a way as to trigger the sensor for the warning, while the temp gauge still reads OK?


Dan Wing

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