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FWIW , just to supplement Tony's post...

I've seen the product Tony has referred to, work on many otherwise worthless
tanks in motorcycle applications during the course of ~8 years working at a
motorcycle dealership when I was younger. I can't think of a reason why it
wouldn't work just as well on car tanks....of course Tony has done it
so...there it is. 

>From my a nutshell... 

It would require tank removal to get thorough coverage inside the tank.
After using the acid wash and then the neutralizer (which is included in the
kit), then a thorough rinsing and drying, the "Kreme" is poured inside and
spread thinly and uniformly around the tank by manually tilting the tank
around. After curing, the Kreme forms a hard liner on the inside of the
tank. I would plan on 2 days to cure, possibly longer if it is very humid or
if the coating is too thick. May cure in one day if it's hot and dry. 

Steve Hauptmann
South Carolina

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I've had good luck with repairing the tanks myself. The key is coating the 
inside of them. If you go to a motorcycle shop you can get a product called 
"kreme". It's about $35 if I recall. It comes in a three part kit. Just 
follow the instructions and it works great. I believe they are designed for 
12 gallon tanks, so you will probably need two kits.

FWIW the worst tank I did was on a 88 Ranger. The cab rubs the top of the 
tank when it fills with gravel. It put about 50 pin-holes in the top of the 
tank. I dropped it, "kreme'd" it, and 6 years later it still works great.

Tony Hoffman

> I can't find a tank anywhere...and assume you encountered unobtainium in 
> your quest and used the S-car tank because it was available.
> Any idea about finding a replacement tank for my 87 5ktq would be helpful.

> Currently, a solution is to remove the tank and send it to a refurbisher 
> in Michigan. 

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