windage tray in oil sump (t44 as track car?)

Ed Kellock ekellock at
Mon Jan 24 12:52:08 EST 2005

I think this debate is really dependent of what your goal is.  If
you're concerned with lap times, then the t44 probably isn't the best
tool, in any guise.  If you just want to go out and exercise some car
control, you could do a lot worse.

I have a friend who replaced a '92 S4 with a '95 S6 and replaced a
turbo'd 4kq with a Porsche 951.  He refers to his S-Cars as pigs and
refuses to drive them on the track.  He has always talked about his
track experience in terms of lap times.  He doesn't drive smoothly at
all and uses up tires and brakes, expensive ones, at an alarming rate.

I've attended two ACNA events, the most recent in my chipped '89 200q
with Boge's and Dunlop SP8000's and the previous one in my Coupe GT
also with Boge's.  Could I keep up with the twin-turbo S4's?  No.  Did
I care?  No.  It was fun seeing how long I could delay the inevitable
passing maneuver (following the rules of the ACNA event and not
blocking any more than that dictates).

It seems impossible to describe a driver's skill without some hard
data.  Lap times help, but they're not the whole story.  Suffice to
say that instructors at both events left me alone after the first
drive.  I didn't find fingernails in my door handles so I don't think
I scared them away.

Comments from each instructor:

-"Why aren't you instructing?"  
-"You can really drive this thing."

Obviously not scientific, but a fairly good indicator given the ACNA
driver's seminar formula as it has been fleshed out over the years.

I began both events with less than new tires which I planned to use up
anyway and I needed new front brake pads on the 200 afterwards.  Other
than that, I'm still driving both cars without any other track-related

It's about as much fun as I've ever had in a car over the years.  I've
driven Angeles Crest Highway as hard in years past, but on the track I
don't have to worry about other drivers nearly as much and no cops.

Couldn't even begin to guess at my lap times though.

Colorado Springs

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