windage tray in oil sump

Brandon Rogers brogers at
Mon Jan 24 15:02:10 EST 2005

I installed a windage tray  (I'm pretty sure it was the urs4 one) in my 3B,
which resides is an urquattro.  You need 2 oil pan gaskets and the windage
tray gets sandwiched in between.  You'll have to remove the oil pick-up
line - which requires about three hands to get back together with all those
gaskets and such.....anyway, you'll also need to ovalize some holes on the
back of the motor.  It's been a couple years since I did it so forgive me.
Here's the idea, with the windage tray and extra gasket, the oil pan is
lowered a couple mm, so some holes in back do not line up.  Luckily all it
requires is said ovalizing.  When you take a look back there hopefully it
will make sense.

Keep in mind this was on a 3B so YMMV



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> Having a 10V, I normally hang out on the q-list. But I do periodic
> upgrades to the ol' 5ktq during which I sometimes bump up
> against 20 valve-ness. This is one of those times.
> I'm in process of converting from the MC style steel oil
> pan to the 3B cast aluminum sump to take advantage of
> the cast-in oil baffle fins for better oil control during
> cornering and braking. I'm also adding the ur-S4/S6
> windage tray. By the way, according to a previously
> archived email on the topic, the ur-S4/S6 sump will not
> clear the Type 44 subframe as in "Ask me how I know."
> It's finally dawned on me that the details of the oil pick-up
> tube are different and also that the 3B sump setup
> already includes a bolt-in baffle plate (which I failed to
> order). Interestingly, the p/n of the S4 windage tray
> is the same as the 3B plate except for a revision "A"
> suffix. Anyway, have any of you 3Bers added the S4
> tray and was it compatible with the original baffle
> plate? It kinda looks like it should be since the plate
> appears to sit well down in the sump.
> Any windage tray btdt or any thoughts on sump oil control
> for the 3B motor in general? Anything I ought to consider?
> All input appreciated. (Apologies if I don't acknowledge
> replies immediately; I'll be away for a bit.)
> Best regards,
> DeWitt Harrison
> '88 5kcstq
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