T44 as track car

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I completely agree with Jerry. I track mine also with pretty much the same setup...but with RS2 engine bits. I can outrun all but heavily modded NeuS4's, and the new V8's are not that much faster in a straight line. Ran with an Evo 8 and was the same speed in straight line. 

There are many cars out there that would make better track cars cause they are lighter, cheaper to maintain, and have a more developed aftermarket. But like Jerry said, if you can't have a dedicated track car this one isn't terrible. 

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> Well, I have tracked the 200q avant and don't think it is a bad drivers 
> school car at all. It has been to Moroso, Sebring, Homestead and 
> Roebling Road. The 200q is a little heavy and leans plenty in the 
> corners. However, with R compound tires, Konis, H&R, some extra camber 
> (about 1.5 IIRC) and track pads, the car is plenty of fun and sticks 
> better than it looks. Despite the nose heavy weight distribution (57/43 
> measured without driver and half tank of fuel), I can get the back end 
> to come around by using TTO on most corners. The bigger turbo and 
> upgraded chip help, but it is only putting out 270 ish at the crank .It 
> is competitve in any drivers school and keeps up and passes many 
> sportier cars, including E36 M3's.It has not been expensive to maintain 
> for the track, and it certainly points out any weaknesses, which can get 
> addressed. I shorten the maintenance schedule by 50% (ie. Timing belt 
> checked at 15k and changed at 30k), brake fluid flushed before each 
> event, oil changed before each event, etc. Having dedicated wheels and 
> tires helps reduce costs in the long run. Driving the car on the track 
> is a lot of work, and my race car, a 1971 2002 with 4 cyl and about 150 
> hp at the crank will turn similar or better lap times at Moroso because 
> it handles so much better and doesn't wear you out nearly as much. Just 
> different ways to have fun. If the 200q/S4/S6 is your daily driver and 
> you can't afford a second car, don't be afraid to take the car to any of 
> the various drivers schools. My $.12 
> Regards, 
> Jerry 
> 91 200qa 
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