200 track car WAS: windage tray in oil sump

SuffolkD at aol.com SuffolkD at aol.com
Mon Jan 24 20:41:18 EST 2005

Sounds like a lot of makes and models, even some "sports" cars.
-Scott by BOSTON

> From: Taka Mizutani <>
> What makes the type 44 a lousy track car?
> 1. reliability- the cars are, at the newest, 14 years old- putting the
> car through a high stress environment like a trackday is not the best
> thing, often results in costly repairs. <snips>
> 2. weight- 
> 3. wheelbase and width- 
> 4. suspension
> Going to Driver's Ed events is fine with really any car, but if you
> plan on putting some serious money into the car, a big Audi sedan is
> not a good choice.   

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