200 Comfort seats TIP: was windage tray in oil sump

SuffolkD at aol.com SuffolkD at aol.com
Tue Jan 25 17:48:18 EST 2005

MINT !  Excellent idea.  This is twisting the whole buckle piece just before 
inserting it into the seatbelt latch right?
Good thing the sedan has no Mrs settings, otherwise I may "POP" when I hit 
the wrong preset. -Scott by BOSTON

The comfort seats do ok if you get the belts tight.  
Two things help.  
First, give the belt a twist before sticking it into the latch.  That keeps 
it from loosening up across your waist.

Second, use the memory seat settings.  One programmed back a ways to make it 
easy to get in/out.  The second one is your favorite driving position.  Then, 
get in the car and recline the seat back a little.  Put on your seat belt 
(with a twist before latching).  Give a quick pull to the shoulder belt to latch 
the inertial lock.  Now, hit the memory position to return the seat to normal 
driving position.  You'll be pressed slightly into the seat, with a locked seat 
belt holding you from sliding around.

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