Water From Tailpipes?

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Tue Jan 25 18:04:04 EST 2005

I just have my Avant up on a lift and the back muffler rusts out at the two 
pipes in the back of it.
Where water would collect / get pushed by the exhaust.
I hear one shop trick is a small "drain" hole (in a seam?) in each muffler do 
promote drainage and squash premature rust through.

-HTH Scott by BOSTON
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I doubt you have a problem - I see water come out of tailpipes all the time.
Not that _that_ means it's OK - I also lots of people running around with
under- inflated tires....

but I do think it's perfectly OK



Drops of water from the tail pipe is normal for any vehicle- new or old.
Exhaust gas contains water vapor.  The vapor condenses on the inside of the 
exhaust pipes, and can often be seen dripping from the tail pipe.  Once the 
temperature of the exhaust pipes increases as the car is brought to normal 
operating temperature, condensation decreases to zero.
People who frequently drive their vehicle short distances experience 
premature exhaust system rust-through, starting from the rear of the exhaust system.  
This is due to the fact that the rear of the system takes longest to reach 
higher temperatures.  When the car is driven short distance and parked, the water 
remains in the colder part of the system- the rear- and causes rusting from 
the inside out.
Dover, NH
91 200 20v Avant

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