200q20v tire recommendations

Charles Baer charlie at istari.com
Tue Jan 25 21:41:07 EST 2005

I advised a couple of friends to get RE950s; one put them on a 1.8T A4
who lives up a canyon across I-70 from Avon, the other put them on his
V8 and commutes up twisty paved/dirt roads NW of Lyons.  They both
are longtime residents of those areas and have been impressed with the
combined snow performance and dry weather commute handling.

In fact I just got back from driving the Lyons coworker home while his V8
gets a CV rebuilt, I was really pissed that I left a toolbox in the back 
of the
avant 'cuz it is DRY here and I still have my 245/45-17 S-03s mounted!


Steve wrote:

>I'm needing a new set of tires for my 200q20v and wonder if any listers
>have experience with the Bridgestone Potenza RE930i or RE950, or the
>Michelin XGT H4 or V4?  Of course I want it all - great handling, long
>tread life and quiet ride.  Any feedback on these?  Any others I should
>look at?
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