cam seal

Brandon Rogers brogers at
Wed Jan 26 14:17:48 EST 2005

I'm in the midst of an exhaust manifold swap and decided that while I was in there I'd see what was causing a small oil leak that leaves one or two drops of oil on the ground at shutdown and over the last year or so has really gunked up the lower part of the motor.  Anyway it looks like the cam seal is one of the culprits (in addition to a plug in the oil galley).  

My question:  To replace the cam seal can I leave the valve cover in place?

Also - I'd like to go ahead and clean up as much of the oil and dirt as possible while the EM is off and there is better access - any suggestions for a good method?  Or should I wait til it's all back together, then run over to a local wand car wash, spray some degreaser/engine cleaner in there and then use the sprayer?



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