cam seal

Peter Schulz pcschulz at
Wed Jan 26 15:26:30 EST 2005


You need to remove the cam gear cover, cam gear and then use a seal 
puller...(more involved than that - you MIGHT get away with not having to 
touch the water pump (tensioner for the TB)

I had to do this on the 7a motor in my CQ, I used the audi crank seal 
puller and the cam seal installer.


At 11:54 AM 1/26/2005, Brandon Rogers wrote:
>I'm in the midst of an exhaust manifold swap and decided that while I was 
>in there I'd see what was causing a small oil leak that leaves one or two 
>drops of oil on the ground at shutdown and over the last year or so has 
>really gunked up the lower part of the motor.  Anyway it looks like the 
>cam seal is one of the culprits (in addition to a plug in the oil galley).
>My question:  To replace the cam seal can I leave the valve cover in place?

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