200q20v "Track Cars?"

Ken Keith auditude at gmail.com
Wed Jan 26 15:37:58 EST 2005

Allow me:



WJFerdon at aol.com wrote:

I've come to this site on and off for a few years now. It's chock full of  
some great info, sometime choked full of some real BS. After being in the  
Automotive trade for 29 years there is one thing I've learned, the
learning  never
stops. One thing I've seen at this site, the whining never seems to stop.  
It's great to see the owners of these wonderful cars taking such good care and  
sharing the info, short cuts, part numbers, suppliers, prices and so on for  
these cars. I love my 200 20v Wagon. Sorry boys, I'll always call my car a  
wagon. I know it's the best money I've ever spent on a street car. Now to the  
point, back to the whining, it's my turn.I was here along time ago and someone  
was again talking about getting their aligment set up for a track event. 
Someone  brought up bump steer, an interesting task on these cars.
Well, that set me off  as did Taka's recent post about these street
car as track cars.If you
all have  the time, please go back in the arcarves here to 6/11/2003. Please 
read my post,  Bump Steer, What Next? and thanks for letting me  whine.

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