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Sean coonhound at
Wed Jan 26 22:46:10 EST 2005

RE: strut tower rip or stress fracture
Purchased my 91 200 20v avant this summer for $4k w/ 146k miles from a 60+ -year-old woman named Sheila who'd purchased it with 50k in 1995 from Gertrude, then a woman in her fifties.  The point: car had literally been driven by 2 little old ladies for 13 years...and the fracture in the sheet metal webbing inboard of the right strut tower near the firewall existed- about halfway to the hole.  In the past 6 months with a spirited driver clocking 12k already, the fracture has tripled in length- straight through the hole- and continues to grow.
Five months ago, I brought it to NEA (Northern European Automotive) of Concord, NH and requested their opinion.  They were "willing to weld it", but suggested I do nothing.
This problem is a source of concern to this owner.  Something must be done.  But it seems nobody on this list has tried any method of fixing the problem.
Perhaps a few listers who share this concern can each try different methods and report back over the miles.
I'll be guinea pig #1.
Dover, NH
91 200 20v Avant (about to have SPORT seats...yes!)


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