Strut Tower rip

sbhack at sbhack at
Wed Jan 26 23:53:36 EST 2005

>Cut out the web that is cracking, and it can't crack further.

Jesus H Christ Bernie, what the hell kind of engineering work did you do 
(or have you done) in the past ?

>>What have you done about it, Mike?  Just waiting to see what falls off?
>Why not, Bernie? You see--it's a refinement of the Benz philosophy.
>We call it DFIIIABE: "Don't Fix It if it Ain't Broke Enough".
>I'm sure Mike is careful to check the tower brace condition every time he 
>inspects his brake rotors to see how many microns of thickness are left 
>(before the the cooling ducts begin to show). Right, Mike? ;-)

I've listened to just about every kind of I don't know what "DFIIIABE" and 
now it seems as though we've reached a peak here.  Is your primary and 
overwhelming purpose in life to save a $ (penny) ............ then why do 
you own a 200 TQ 20v ? - why not a Saturn or equivalent ?

God damn it, help the guy out and suggest a repair like a riveted and/or 
welded fix and be done with it !

Steve Hackett
Huntington, CT
'97 A6Q Avant
'91 200 TQ sedan
'88 5k S avant

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