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Brandon Rogers brogers at
Thu Jan 27 12:36:05 EST 2005

Thanks for the replies so far- much appreciated.  What I hadn't mentioned was that I've already got the all the covers, cam pullet, etc off.  

I guess my dilemma is what is the bigger PITA?? - trying to get the cam seal out with the valve cover in place ( I don't have a puller - was going to [carefully -duh] drill a couple very small holes, screw in a couple machine screws and pull out) or go ahead and pull the valve cover off as well as that front cam cap - I'm assuming then the seal would pull right off no problems.  If I pull the VC - can I re-use the rubber gasket it's probably only got 1500 miles on it....

as an aside, yes everything else is pretty new - WP, TB etc all have probably less than 6000 mi...actually so is this cam seal but apparently it doesn't realize it's supposed to be a _seal_...


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  I'm in the midst of an exhaust manifold swap and decided that while I was in there I'd see what was causing a small oil leak that leaves one or two drops of oil on the ground at shutdown and over the last year or so has really gunked up the lower part of the motor.  Anyway it looks like the cam seal is one of the culprits (in addition to a plug in the oil galley).  

  My question:  To replace the cam seal can I leave the valve cover in place?

  Also - I'd like to go ahead and clean up as much of the oil and dirt as possible while the EM is off and there is better access - any suggestions for a good method?  Or should I wait til it's all back together, then run over to a local wand car wash, spray some degreaser/engine cleaner in there and then use the sprayer?



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