Strut Tower rip

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Fri Jan 28 11:23:24 EST 2005

> From: Ken Keith <auditude at>

> However, I have camber/caster plates on my car and they are not coming
> off.  I would like to increase the stiffness of the strut towers.
> What I was wondering is if I put a BB on the car, does that increase
> stress on the plates.
What stress on the plates?  Knowing nothing of your plate system, how can
one respond better than by ignoring an incomplete Q.

> I was also curious if a sufficiently stiff
> brace on the towers themselves would be effective *with the
> camber/caster plates in place*, since the strut isn't permitted to
> move relative to the top of the tower.
You are implying that you have removed the top isolator?
It's not just the stiffness of the strut member, but rather the full strut
system, including the attachment to the tower and the tower itself, and it
must be on axis with the forces that the brace is transmitting.  You should
be able to answer your own Q.
> Those are two of the things I was wondering and asking about.

Lecture on how to answer an incomplete Q <snipped>


> Cheers,
> Ken

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