Broken Wheel Bolts

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Fri Jan 28 11:38:59 EST 2005

When I broke a bolt head off a strut housing on my urq about a year ago I
tried an easy out with no luck - it broke too.  So I just lugged the piece
to a local welder/machine shop where they got it out by lunchtime (while I
was at work) for only $40 - well worth it IMO...ISTR them saying something
about burning it out or something??


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> Anybody faced this before:
>  Those holes you can't
> see through have broken-off ends of wheel bolts in them.   The broken
> are at
> I was wondering why I was hearing a strange noise.
> The Bolts were tightened by hand and torqued with a torque wrench, a
> process I've done many, many times.   I checked bolt tightness again after
> about 100 miles of driving.   Nothing was loose.
> Any guesses as to why the bolts broke?
> Any suggestions for removing the broken off stuff?  Since taking the pix I
> have bathed them in Kroil.  I have a set of those reverse drill bits with
> extractors.  Do I need to be accurate in centering one of the bits?  The
> exposed surfaces are uneven.  Should I use the largest size I have?
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