stumbling under boost solved! - (plugs)

Ken Keith auditude at
Fri Jan 28 11:53:25 EST 2005

So, last night I changed the plugs on my 200q20v.  I guess I hadn't
changed them before, but I thought I did.  This solved the stumbling
and hesitation I started seeing under boost.

I was going to replace the fuel pump with a CIS one I have already,
because I thought that was the cause.  The pump in my car is a little
noisy, sounding a bit like an angry hornet's nest, as opposed to a hum
or buzz.  I'll replace it later, but for now it's working okay.

I want to replace the plug wires.  Does anyone know of any aftermarket
plug wires that are available in blue?  I know Rapid Parts has Blue
Ignitors, but I didn't see one for our application.  Also, I want to
put a 7A valve cover on.  I believe the plug wires have different part
numbers between the cars, so I guess I want to get 7A wires.

Here's the shocking part.  I think I have the wide distributor rotor
on my car.  I have another 20v distributor that has a much narrower
tip on the end of it.  Both have the smaller diameter shaft size,
compared to my 10v distributors which have a larger shaft and also
have an even wider rotor blade.

I wanted to change the rotor with another used one I had that was
narrower, altho' I didn't have the part numbers with me to know for
sure if it was the correct one.  I couldn't get the damn rotor off the
one on the car, so I explored the idea of swapping distributors.  The
loose distributor that I have had a broken plastic gear, so I removed
it and put a bronze one on.  Then I tried to remove the distributor
from the motor and I couldn't even get a wrench on the little
bracket's bolt.  I think I also have the rivet that needs to be
drilled out.  I gave up on trying to swap distributors, and went back
to the rotor swapping idea.

I tried again and the rotor on the car ended up coming off,
surprisingly easily after not being able to do it earlier.  So I went
to take the rotor off of the other distributor that now had the metal
gear, and I could not get the dang thing off.  I ended up breaking it,
and then I found that it was glued on.

So, I need to go re-research the ignition rotor issue to get the right
one one there.  When I have the car apart more, I'll make the
distributor on the car removable by drilling out the rivet.  Then I'll
probably get a metal gear in the car, maybe when I do the timing belt
next. In the meantime, I hope I don't have any spark hopping or other
nasty stuff happen.  The good news is I've been driving the car like
this for quite a while and haven't noticed anything, so hopefully that
will continue.

Is there any kind of rule to which rotors were glued on or anything
like that?  What car has the smaller distributor shaft but the wide
rotor?  Maybe my thick shaft distributors are for n/a 10v's and the
other narrow shaft is for a turbo 10v?  I'll figure it out in a bit,
but those are what I'm wondering about.

I gotta say, without that darn stumble, my car is pretty quick now! 
It's nice to have WOT available. =)



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