Rear Ended by Peterbilt, possible WTB

Andy Schor walbum at
Fri Jan 28 12:09:51 EST 2005

Hey Guys,

My '91 200 Avant was rear ended last week.  Thankfully there were no
injuries, but the tail gate, rear lights and rear window were damaged. 
There is also some stress damage to the quarter panel.  I haven't been able
to open the hatch because the lower panel (where the two latches are) has
been pushed in slightly.  I have an independent body shop estimate and an
insurance adjuster's estimate which are within $500 of each other, and
evidently on the verge of total or not totaling the car.  At this point I
have not accepted or signed anything, just trying to make the best
decision.  I love the car and if I were put in the position of selecting
it's replacement, would want another '91 Avant.  I can accept the check and
have my car repaired, have it totaled then buy it back and repair or have
it totaled and look for another one.
So I'm asking for suggestions, BTDTs, caveats and/or another vehicle to

Andy Schor

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