Rear Ended by Peterbilt, possible WTB

Mike Miller mikemilr at
Fri Jan 28 12:21:56 EST 2005

>So I'm asking for suggestions, BTDTs, caveats and/or another vehicle to 

Andy Schor
When I totaled mine (sedan, not avant), the initial insurance offer was in 
the low 4k range. I told them that was unaccceptable, went to audifans and 
copied 6 ads for cars for sale that averaged $7500. I also provided tham 
with over $8000 worth of receipts from the previous 6 years and they agreed 
to up the settlement to $6k. (less my deductible). I asked them about buying 
mine back - they quoted me a price of $245 which I *immediately* accepted. I 
then jokingly asked if they would pay to have it delivered as it was 80 
miles away and they even agreed to that, saving me a $250 tow bill. I then 
purchased (from a lister) the identical car so all parts ae interchangeable. 
It has already saved me well over the cost of buying the totalled car back.


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