Clutch issues

PeterBergin at PeterBergin at
Mon Jan 31 13:12:57 EST 2005

Eric, when the problem first occurred the clutch was dragging, I could see 
the tach drop a few rev's when in gear with the peddle to the floor.  Local shop 
believed it to be the master or slave cylinder.  Had both replace, problem 
improved some, pedal action smoother.  They didn't have a power bleeder, but got 
at least two pints through it.  Next they adjusted the master most of the way 
out.  This improved the issue, but reverse still grinds and 1st is a lot 
better.  Clutch only has about 3/4 inch free travel on top and about 3 on the 
bottom, however must be pressed to the floor to get smooth shifting.  When the car 
is cold, it shifts fine until driven a few miles.  Another suggestion is that 
the plastic rod on the slave is wearing through the fork, however their were 
no wear marks on the old slave tip.

I am driving the car until I can go back to the shop with some good direction 
to look before my wallet empties.  One suggestion is to replace the hose as 
it may be swelling under pressure (leak in inner hose but not outer). No bulges 
in sight.  My car has 182k on it with a new clutch at 177.

Further advice would be greatly appreciated.
Pete 91 Avant

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