very fast pulsing through clutch pedal

Phil Rose pjrose at
Mon Jan 31 16:29:05 EST 2005

At 12:23 PM -0800 1/31/05, bill bleiler wrote:
>although the clutch seems to be grabbing well, when
>ever the car is warm and you push in the clutch you
>get a very fast vibrating/pulsing, when its all the
>way down its fine and once it has grabbed it is fine,
>just in between is nasty.   im goingto order a spec
>stg 3 clutch kit this week, i figure it is either the
>throwout bearing is bad, or the clutch disk is messed
>up in some way...any BTDT?

I posted about the same (or similar) symptom of clutch pedal 
pulsation. No one had much info to contribute, as I recall. In my car 
the throwout bearing was new (within the previous 10K miles I had 
replaced the bearing while the tranny was out for other reasons), and 
the clutch itself was about 40K miles old. I decide to try to forget 
about it, and now it's about 3 or 4 years later. I've either 
forgotten about it (gotten used to it?)-- or the pulsation has 
actually diminished. The clutch action is still fine.


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