very fast pulsing through clutch pedal

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at
Mon Jan 31 16:54:00 EST 2005

Not sure what you are planning on replacing, but Since it is a big job, I do 
everything on this list

Resurface flywheel
New Disk
New Pressure Plate
New throw-out bearing
New Pilot bearing
Flush the clutch fluid

And, in the case of an Audi, I also do the Master cyl and Slave cyls. The 
slave is a real PITA when the trans is in the car. Also, check the line from 
the Master to slave. If it looks cracked, I'd recomend replacing it too.

Just keep in mind, these parts are aproaching 15 years in service. That's 
why I replace them. Easier that pulling the trans again - BTDT :(

Also, lube the "fork" where it pivots, and the tube that the throwout slides 

Tony Hoffman
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Subject: very fast pulsing through clutch pedal

> although the clutch seems to be grabbing well, when
> ever the car is warm and you push in the clutch you
> get a very fast vibrating/pulsing, when its all the
> way down its fine and once it has grabbed it is fine,
> just in between is nasty.   im goingto order a spec
> stg 3 clutch kit this week, i figure it is either the
> throwout bearing is bad, or the clutch disk is messed
> up in some way...any BTDT?
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