UFO & G60

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Mon Jan 31 20:45:13 EST 2005

I have same as Chuck.  Buckle was (there when I bought the car 6.5 years 
ago), just enough to break the paint.
I could tell the car had been slammed hard at one point in time ... scrapes 
on header pipe and one corner of windshield had a slightly separated seal 
(gurgled in rain) which was found when replacing windshield.

Steve H
91 200tq sedan

At 05:32 PM 1/31/2005, you wrote:
>I Have UFO's
>no tear, Small amount of buckle
>91 200tq Avant
>Mike Miller wrote:
>>Guess we need a survey of those with tears and see how many have UFOs and 
>>how many have G60's.
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>>        Good question on the tower tear on UFO and G60.
>>         No one has ever answered the question why on the G60 conversion
>>Audi installed and calls out for on the ETKA the big fat bent light
>>green V8 control arms.
>>                                  Brice
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