BOOM! then no go......Answer.........

SuffolkD at SuffolkD at
Mon Jan 31 23:31:56 EST 2005

I've moved the car tonight by cable tow.   :-)
Moving at 25 MPH I can hear a flutter like a popped CV joint.
UNLIKE the 4000Q where I just locked the difs to keep on going (to a repair 
pressing the rear dif button in a 200 does nothing.  :-(

CV / Half shaft responces (there were a lot of them) win the: when I see ya' 
all again I owe you a lager...............

Strange it let go at a feathered throttle (EASY cruise) at 30 MPH in a 
straight line.
-Scott by BOSTON

> Subj: Re: BOOM! then no go...............
> 11:PM Driving home after a 550 mile weekend and 1.3 miles from home.........
> BOOM !
> Thought I ran over something and then car no go.
> Nuetral, that's it, rolled into a parking spot along side the road and hiked 
> it home.
> I went back to look for a fallen off part (which I swear I ran over) and 
> nothing.
> So here's what I know an hour into this.
> Shifter feels okay, shifts into gears but none work.
> Car rolls like in neutral.
> 35 MPH, just driving along.
> Car idles and runs fine.
> No visible items dragging underneath.  (suspected CV but who knows)
> Haven't tried moving it after pressing the differential button.

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