Oil in distributor

Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net
Tue Jul 5 14:09:26 EDT 2005


This distributor has no oil seal.  Oil can not distort the dist. cap, and
oil inside the dist cap can not get to the stock thin plastic "shield" over
the cap.  Throw this shield away, not necessary anyway.  To eliminate the
oil in the cap, eliminate your crankcase back pressure.


> From: wagons at sover.net
> I haven't checked the archives-- forgive me if this is a common finding. I
> had poor after-rain starting, with a low-speed or under-power miss until
> the engine was thoroughly warmed, so I replaced the (45,000 miles on it)
> distributor cap. I found a small amount of oil in the cap, that had
> softened the black outer casing layer, allowing the cap to distort.
> Obviously, a horizontal distributor like ours must have some kind of a
> shaft seal, and I guess mine is leaking a just a little. I guess if it
> happens every 45,000, I am not going to worry.
> Anyone seen this? prognosis?
> Dan Wing

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