Replacement drive shaft

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Wed Jul 6 13:07:21 EDT 2005

Chris Semple at Force 5 in Concord, NH is an excellent source for used parts; my experience has been that his prices are reasonable and parts availability is excellent (in 5-10 dealings w/ Chris, he's always had my part).  Since I pick-up parts, I can't speak to his shipping.

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After only 290,000 miles the drive shaft in my '91 200 Avant <br>   needs replacing. Anybody have one they want to part with, <br>or know a good source out there?<br>-- <br>GEORGE SIDMAN, Chairman<br>sidman at<br>Monterey, California<br>831 771-0107<br>_______________________________________________<br>200q20v mailing list<br>

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