Fw: 10P17C Great A/C Compressor Rebuild Like Brand New

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 11 21:32:29 EDT 2005

Brice posted about his success with Tech Choice parts (Midlothian Texas) so 
I gave them a try. I sent Greg my compressor the Wed before 4th of July 
hoping to get it to him before Mon.  I had left the office Friday but had a 
VMail from Greg saying it was done by 5:30 that day.  He said he would be in 
over the weekend and to call.  I did call and got a machine, I left my 
Credit info to pay.  I called Greg a few biz days later to see when I would 
get the unit back.  He said my payment info was cutoff by the answering 
machine but that my compressor was enroute anyway.  I reiterated my CC info 
and sure enough the unit arrived FedEx ground the next day as it was sent a 
few days earlier. My cost through tech Choice was $120 which included return 
shipping.  Seems awfully good given the service and alternatives.  I got a 
rebuilt comp and clutch!  Tech Choice is not into other A/C parts YET, so I 
also recommend hancock industries for dryers, expansion valves etc, more or 
less wholesale to the public also in Texas (abeline I think)
thanks Brice.

>Subject: Re: Fw: 10P17C Great A/C Compressor Rebuild Like Brand New

>         Let me know how things go with you on the compressor.
>         Be very careful re-installing the compressor making sure the
>housing brackets are in the right position before tightening the bolts.
>Many people make the mistake of getting them backwards and destroying
>the compressor.
>          Also it is very hard to tighten the hose fitting that connects
>to the compressor from the condenser. There is no room to get to it even
>on a lift and especially with the plastic cowling that fits over the
>compressor. I almost left this off to give me more room.
>          You will be very happy with the rebuilt compressor from Tech
>Choice. It is like getting a new one for only $100.00
>                                          Brice

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