cd strangeness & stalling issue

Kerry Griffith i2k at
Tue Jul 12 21:26:07 EDT 2005

OK, time for my annual questions for you gurus.
1. Recently, the car wouldn't idle- died any time I took my foot off. 
Had to restart, sometimes by abusing the drivetrain while in motion. 
Scared my eight-year-old (and myself) since it was rush hour. I doubt 
it was the bypass valve we've all replaced, since it has run fine 
since. I know Scott M. mentions the idle stabilizer valve on his site, 
so my question is this:
Given the fact that my (good) mechanics have checked out all they say 
they can, especially vacuum lines, does anyone have a suggestion? I'm 
tempted to throw parts like the ISV in there despite the $$ approach, 
but if anyone has a likely culprit, I'd be grateful for the shortcut.

2. When I attempt to listen to a CD, it will begin to play for anywhere 
from 5-30 seconds before the music is replaced by static. Just had my 
radio head unit overhauled by Brett Seamens (thanks to a lister's 
suggestion), but apparently that wasn't my problem. Does anyone 
recognize this symptom?

Thanks to the group, especially the long-termers, for all the 
invaluable info over the years- hope you can do it again!

lehman chip, RS2 exhaust manifold, 116k miles

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