cd strangeness & stalling issue

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Wed Jul 13 12:36:51 EDT 2005

> From: Brice2004 at (Brice Warnick)
> It could be the decay of the magnetic field in the A/C clutch.
> This will cause missfires and affect the radio and the A/C control head.
> It missfires when the A/C clutch disengages.
> Does this happen when you have your A/C on only?
> There is a an Audi Technical Service Bulletin on this requiring a Zenner
> diode kit 443 298 008 and an updated compressor clutch relay 443 919
> 578H. See if you already have either.
> The relay is under the footwell.
> Rod at TPC has the new relay in stock and the Zenner kit is dealer only
> which you can get from Clair for around $86.00
Neither of these expensive solutions are necessary.  The AC clutch relay,
any version, contains a supression diode that, if fails shorted, causes the
clutch to be continuously engaged when AC is on, or if it fails open, causes
the disruptive clutch voltage spike as heard on the radio.  One can remove
the cover from the AC relay and replace the diode with a $.25 diode from RS.


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