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Wed Jul 13 13:22:13 EDT 2005


This is what I love about these cars...they all have the same problems!  I'm 
going with Phil on his diagnoses of the modulator being bad.  I have the 
same problem on my car and have all but given up on the CD player.  
Sometimes you can eek a little more time out of the system by changing the 
modulator "broadcast" frequency (ie 88.3 to 88.7 I think?), but eventually 
the whole thing just goes t.u.

I'm wondering if there is a replacement unit that can be put in there 
instead of the factory ones.  It would seem that this is a universal part 
with the only problems being make sure the connectors mate up.  I thought 
you used to be able to get universals like that from Cruthfield, but it's 
been a long time since I was a high school kid mesmerized by stereo gear.


How do the wire runs work to and from the modulator?  Obviously one side 
attaches to the antenae input on the head unit, but does the other side run 
all the way back to the CD player?  If not, are the inputs on the modulator 
RCA plugs?

Derek P

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2. When I attempt to listen to a CD, it will begin to play for anywhere
from 5-30 seconds before the music is replaced by static. Just had my
radio head unit overhauled by Brett Seamens (thanks to a lister's
suggestion), but apparently that wasn't my problem. Does anyone
recognize this symptom?

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