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Wed Jul 13 18:30:27 EDT 2005

At 3:48 PM -0600 7/13/05, Kerry Griffith wrote:
>	I suspect you're right on the ISV as well- I know the vacuum 
>control hose of which you speak is quite new and un-baked, and when 
>the BPV valve went bad when I bought the car (10 years ago!) the 
>symptom was not even intermittent, never mind only once (thus far . 
>. ).
>I saw Scott M's directions for removing the ISV and cleaning it, so 
>despite being a bit of a monkey lad, I may tackle that myself. Does 
>Bentley describe the 9v battery test?

I believe the ISV test is described in the Bentley--anyway the ISV 
has two terminal contacts; so just briefly connect the battery across 
the contacts while looking inside to observe whether (or not) the 
valve snaps open/shut when you apply and remove the voltage. If it 
doesn't move at all probably implies an electrical defect 
(un-repairable, IMO). Sluggish movement  might mean the valve is 
clogged with crud and needs cleaning. SJM recommends cleaning the ISV 
with carb cleaner and he says to just use the ECU output test cycle
to operate the ISV valve (instead of using a 9-volt battery) while 
cleaning. I think that (ECU) method is more cumbersome and I prefer 
the 9-volt battery approach. Avoid prolonged (i.e., steady) 
application of the voltage when testing or cleaning the valve. Most 
important is to avoid ever inserting any hard metal object (such as 
screwdriver) into the ISV valve: this might distort the fragile 
knife-edge of the moving valve and limit its ability to  move freely. 
Use a piece of soft wood--like a wooden pencil--if you need to 
operate the valve manually.  Of course errant wood chips could create 
problems, too.


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