Another one bites the dust

Mike Miller mikemilr at
Sat Jul 16 21:04:15 EDT 2005

Seems I've managed to total another 91 200. Wonder how many people are in
the "totaled 2-91 200's" club. Not many I hope.

The body shop is saying 6700+ in damage for my deer tossing exercise a
couple weeks ago.  I haven't seen the estimate yet to know what parts they
think are bad. I know the hood, grill, passenger euro and most likely the
intercooler are toast. I suspect some of the supports for the above may also
be damaged. Car runs great til til you try to make it go - then it stalls -
is why I suspect the intercooler.

Guess I'll be in the market for another one once again. Managed to get 45k
miles on this one in just under 2 years. What sucks is the $2600+ repair
bill 10 days prior to the accident that I'm sure the ins. co. will not take
into consideration. I'll have to see how much they want for the salvage -
last time it was just under $250 and they paid to tow it here.

Anyone know if the 16 wheels that fit the 91 200s also fit a UrS6? Miglia
1000's as I recall. May just see if I can find a nice 95.5 S6 to throw money


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