coolant leakage (*%#*!!)

Kerry Griffith i2k at
Sun Jul 17 16:02:20 EDT 2005

Cracked threads or tank is my hope and my assumption. If anyone can 
explain a different cause of this symptom (other than a loose cap), I'd 
like to know.
Otherwise, I shall I proceed to replace the tank.


On Saturday, July 16, 2005, at 06:39 PM, Mike Miller wrote:

> Is the top of the tank or the threads cracked in that area, showing up 
> only
> under pressure?
> mike
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> From: "Kerry Griffith" <i2k at>
>> Gents,
>> When my car gets hot enough, coolant leaks from beneath the expansion
>> tank cap. My techs (I'm beginning to suspect a strong primate
>> connection) installed a new cap.
>> The question: If the oil and coolant guages are within normal
>> boundaries, and no idiot lights are lit, does the abovementioned 
>> puking
>> indicate the expansion tank-cap interface, or is the cap designed to
>> bleed off coolant if a problem exists elsewhere?
>> Best regards,
>> Kerry

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