Another one bites the dust (wheels)

Kerry Griffith i2k at
Sun Jul 17 17:00:53 EDT 2005

I don't know about aftermarket wheels, nor do I know about the 91 200s. 
But  I do know that '95.5 S6 Avus wheels fit perfectly on a '91 200q, 
as do all urQ wheels (and I've seen a stock-appearing '91 200q with 
urS4 wheels. A few years back there was a myth circulating to the 
effect that very few Audi wheels fit the '91 200q, but it was a myth. 
Based on my experience, I would imagine you can do it. I'm just 
confused by the '91 200s designation. I thought they were all 
designated 200q or 200 turbo in '91. But I could fill galaxies with the 
stuff I don't know.

mike wrote: Anyone know if the 16 wheels that fit the 91 200s also fit 
a UrS6? Miglia
1000's as I recall. May just see if I can find a nice 95.5 S6 to throw 

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