Another one bites the dust (wheels)

Peter Schulz pcschulz at
Sun Jul 17 20:31:29 EDT 2005


The issue is the 200 20v UFO style brakes.
Offset of 35mm won't guarantee that wheel will clear the rotor.

If the 200 is using G60 calipers, pretty much all 35mm offset wheels under 
8 inches in width should fit.


At 05:00 PM 7/17/2005, Kerry Griffith wrote:
>I don't know about aftermarket wheels, nor do I know about the 91 200s. 
>But  I do know that '95.5 S6 Avus wheels fit perfectly on a '91 200q, as 
>do all urQ wheels (and I've seen a stock-appearing '91 200q with urS4 
>wheels. A few years back there was a myth circulating to the effect that 
>very few Audi wheels fit the '91 200q, but it was a myth. Based on my 
>experience, I would imagine you can do it. I'm just confused by the '91 
>200s designation. I thought they were all designated 200q or 200 turbo in 
>'91. But I could fill galaxies with the stuff I don't know.
>mike wrote: Anyone know if the 16 wheels that fit the 91 200s also fit a 
>UrS6? Miglia
>1000's as I recall. May just see if I can find a nice 95.5 S6 to throw money
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