coolant leakage (*%#*!!)

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Sun Jul 17 20:36:09 EDT 2005

Another possibility re tank leakage, BTDT on the same 5K  tank.  The round
hole in the top of the reservoir beside the cap, a weld point joining the
two halves, cracked down near the weld area.  I drilled a center hole thru
to the mating bottom recess and with a thru bolt and washers and Si caulk,
eliminated the problem.  Find the leak with certainty!


> From: Kerry Griffith <i2k at>
> Date: Sun, 17 Jul 2005 17:49:02 -0600
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> Subject: Re: coolant leakage (*%#*!!)
> The viscosity of the plot changes. After some archival searching, I'm
> think that my fan wouldn't operate if the fusible link was bad- but
> let's not forget Darwin- I'm far from q-knowledgeable.
> More importantly, I became concerned about possible head gasket
> failure. So I started the car and watched to see if bubbles would
> arrive in the expansion tank. I had refilled the system (50/50
> h2o/coolant) to replace the 32 fl oz that had escaped. Backed car from
> garage so incline of driveway caused coolant in expansion tank to rise
> to inside of cap. Lo and behold, coolant began leaking from beneath the
> (new) cap immediately. Ambient temp and temp of motor 77F -car hadn't
> been started for 24 hours.
> So I'm back to wondering if the plastic tank has cracked threads, or if
> there's some weird blockage elsewhere in the coolant pathway causing
> pressure sufficient for coolant to be forced through the cap- I assume
> the odd looking black plastic thingy inside the cap is a valve to allow
> for such an event.
> I'm very much hoping that it's just the tank- even I can replace that.
> Any wisdom would be greatly appreciated.
> TIA,
> Kerry
> On Sunday, July 17, 2005, at 04:25 PM, Phil Rose wrote:
>> At 2:02 PM -0600 7/17/05, Kerry Griffith wrote:
>>> Cracked threads or tank is my hope and my assumption. If anyone can
>>> explain a different cause of this symptom (other than a loose cap),
>>> I'd like to know.
>> Your previous post was about leakage when your car "gets hot enough",
>> so I've gotta ask the obvious:  is the radiator fan working properly
>> at that point (i.e., at stage-3 speed)?  Is the 80-amp fusible link
>> intact?
>> Phil
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