Instrument Cluster elec problem?(x-post)

Beer, Jerald S. jbeer at
Mon Jul 18 15:39:39 EDT 2005

I am trying to chase down what appears to be a short in the instrument
cluster (IC). This started recently and randomly would occur. It now
occurs all the time.  When the running lights or headlights go on for
the first time, the high beams come on also. If I shut off and turn on,
headlights or running lights come on properly, but both turn signal
indicators remain lit on the dash, and the computer screen for mpg, etc
has no lights. I note the high beam indicator also does not work.  All
other lights seem good, including light above rear license plate. After
pulling the IC and using an old partial IC from a 90 200q,  that the
problem seems to be the plug above the fuel gauge. When I use the old
IC, no light problem. The pins all look like they line up OK, and I
sprayed contact cleaner. My radio recently died, fuses look good, so I
am assuming that is unrelated (maybe hidden fuse in radio).  Any
suggestions from those more electrically inclined?? The IC is now on
Velcro (or should be) I am getting pretty good at getting this thing in
and out!!!!Thx.
91 200qa 

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