Another one bites the dust (wheels)

Michael Hopton Michael at
Tue Jul 19 16:45:22 EDT 2005

We didn't get any 200q20vt's up here in Canada, well not legally, 
although one disappeared near Toronto :|

Beware, the 15 year rule makes them importable starting next year.
I will take a stone grey avant, always lusted after the 200q20vt avants
south of the border.

Cheers, Mike


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My understanding was that in NA all '91 200q's were 20v turbos.  Is that
only true of US and not all NA?

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> > From: "Ed Kellock" <ekellock at>
> >
> > All '91 200 quattros were turbo 20-valves, but there was a FWD
> > automatic '91 200 turbo which did not have the flared wheel
> Might have been more correct to say:
> All '91 200-20Vs were turbo Qs, '91 200s also included 10V Qs and/or
> Bernie
> ----------------------------
> Actually Bernie the 2nd part of your statement is not true.
> All 200s regardless of the year are turbo, so saying 200 turbo is
> All Audi imported US '91 200q are 20v, so there are no '91 200 10v
> Another little tid bit,
> All Audi imported US '91 avants are 200q20v.
> Mike Sylvester
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