Engine temps

Beer, Jerald S. jbeer at boosecasey.com
Mon Jul 25 12:19:21 EDT 2005

1.On my 91 3B, temps do run a little higher with AC, especially now in
the hot Fl weather. I was idling for a while in the driveway and the
temps get almost to the second dot (around 1:30 clockwise on the gauge).
If I let idle without the AC, it drops about 1-2 needle widths. My temps
are not lower with AC on, because I assume it puts a greater load on the
engine when turning the compressor. This was also true before my recent
new compressor (thanks to SJM!!). Cruising on the highway, my needle
sits to the right of the second big hash mark in the summer, or about
11:30 o'clock. It will sit on the second hash mark in the winter with no
AC running.
2 & 3. I believe #1 comes on, when it gets to operating temps I think it
goes to 2. Haven't really paid too much attention, but I believe the fan
always runs when the AC is on. When 3 comes on, you will definitely know
it! (sounds like an airplane taking off, and your voltmeter will show a
noticeable drop).
91 200qa
A coupel questions regarding a/c.  Patient is an '84 urq with 3B motor.
I'm getting the a/c system ready for action - first time since the motor
swap.  This will be one of only two 3B urq I'm aware of that will have
operating a/c...not that it matters.  Anyway - my questions-
1 - With the a/c running do the engine temps go down around town due to
cosntant fan in use?  Or go up due to more strain on motor.
2.  Which fan speed activates 1, 2, or 3?
3.  Does the fan run constantly - like even when you'r cruisng at 80 on
the highway?

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