[urq] Disappearing Coolant

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Tue Jul 26 13:12:20 EDT 2005

Well I thought I had found the cause - slightly loose clamp on the lower 
hose from the coolanst reservoir, and temp sender taht I got a 1/4 turn on 
....but my light falshed again today for a while....



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> I've been having the same issue.
> Not as severe, but I've never had to top up any of my 10v engines... this 
> one tool couple of liters for one year of driving...
> Let me know if you find the cure.. I am sure it's something simple..
> Cheers
> Martin Pajak
> http://www.quattro.ca
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>>I have a magical cooling system.  It makes coolant disappear without a 
>>I've been havign to add a few cups every several weeks.  Have not seen any 
>>drips after shutdown or while idling hot after driving.  I've had friends 
>>(Audi enthusiast friends) drive behind me and although I didn't ask them 
>>to look for smoke they are the kind of people who would have noticed and 
>>said something.  Don't really see any residue either.  Recently replaced 
>>the overflow tank cap as I thought it was the culprit before.
>>Any more ideas greatly appreciated.
>>'84 urq 20V
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