[urq] Disappearing Coolant

Mike Miller mikemilr at blackfoot.net
Fri Jul 29 22:31:48 EDT 2005

I did the pepper thing on a '67 Austin Healey in the mid 70's- worked great
and even smelled good :-)

My 1st 200q started using about a pint of coolant every 200 miles. Never did
find the leak. I added some Bars Leaks to it.and the problem was solved.
Nice $1.59 fix. Chreap fix  for an Audi :-)


> Sounds like a possible candidate for the 'ol pepper trick.  Add about
> one tablespoon of ground black pepper to the system (since the leak
> is small, you might have to introduce it via a radiator hose instead
> of just dumping it into the tank).
> The pepper will eventually work its way to where the water is leaking
> from, and plug it... although if it is head gasket related, you might
> be out of luck.   The rest of the pepper should just harmlessly float
> around; it's too small to block radiator passages provided you don't -
> really- coarsely grind it :-)
> Bon appetit,
> Brett

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